Staff Profile of IGSSA

IGSSA has eight academic and five support staff. Besides, the recruitment of five academic and three support staff is in progress.

No Name Academic Rank Area of expertise
1 Laikemariam Asfaw Associate Prof. Seismology
2 Atalay Ayele Associate professor Seismology
3 Elias Lewi Assistant Prof. Geodesy
4 Gizaw Mengistu Associate Prof. Space science
5 Shimelis Feseha Assistant Prof. Applied Geophysics
6 Getnet Mewa Assistant Prof. Applied Geophysics
7 Sisay Alemayehu Research Associate Seismology
9 Gebreab Fanta Research Associate Space Science
8 Abebe Albie Technician Senior Technician
9 Zewditu Tesfa Asst. Administrator Office Administration
10 Asfaw Merid Research associate Space Science
11 Berhanu Bekele Lecturer/associate Researcher Geodesy
12 Genet Tamiru Assistant Professor Applied Geophysics
13 Filagot Mengistu Senior Network Administrator IT
14 Tesfaye Temtime Research Associate Geodesy
15 Yakob Mohammed Research Associate Space Science
16 Dagim Yoseph Lecturer/Research Associate Computational Science