Background of the Department

With two major streams of Radio and Television, the Broadcast Journalism Department of the FJC is situated at Abune Petros Campus and trains students in undergraduate degree program in the field of journalism with the necessary cognitive and practical abilities and transferable skills to contribute to the building of a just political and social system in the country. Although few working journalists were sent abroad for short term training on Radio as well as Television broadcasting, nothing much happened to the profession for many years as far as educated journalists with professional competency trained within the domestic environment of higher educational institutions was concerned.
It was only in 1997, the Ethiopian Mass Media Training Institute (EMMTI) was established by the Council of Ministers Regulations No 19/1997 pioneering formal journalism training in Ethiopia.  Practicing journalist was enrolled in order to raise their cognitive and practical abilities as well as transferable skills with academic award of certificate level. Side by side the department started a long term training of diploma program in order to produce better qualified broadcast journalists.   Since its establishment, a total of 227 students in five rows graduated, streaming in television and radio broadcasting.  As time went by, the country's need in having highly qualified journalists grew further due to the expanded nature of the political, economical and social changes taking place within the country.
In view of this, it was in 2003 that EMMTI had to go through radical transformation in its aspiration to offer a BA Degree program in Broadcast Journalism. It was due to this that the current curriculum came to exist.  However, soon after EMMTI obtained accreditation from the Ministry of Education, the Institute was merged with AAU in February 2005 under the Faculty of Journalism and Communications as the Undergraduate Division.


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