General Objective


The general objectives of the program is to produce graduates with the optimum knowledge and skill development in Sport Science by equipping with different techniques & skills of sport activities, knowledge of scientific analysis of human body movement in respect of physical activities & professionals at different level of qualification who can take part in different sport aspects like in coaching, organizing, research, fitness instructors, etc in a three years training program.


Specific objectives 


The program has the following specific objectives

-          Prepare and facilitate short term training or refresher programs such as seminars, workshops, symposia etc

-          Ensure quality of education in the area of Sports and Health science.

-          Train academically competent professional who can actively participate in the educational, health, social and cultural sectors of the society.

-          Develop student’ skills in using appropriate methods for subject contents

-          Equip students actively and constructively engaged in school improvement and development programs

-          Provide trained personnel who can lead and organize intramural & extramural activities in different organizations.

-          Provide advisory services in the area of sport for government and non- governmental organization, clubs, fitness centers etc

-          Create an environment that supports and encourages national and international interaction that can contribute for the development of Sports

-          Provide students with opportunities for field experiences in order to obtain practical experience needed for advancing their education and careers.

-          Conduct research related to sport and health science.



AAU Training and Consultancy Center


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