Center for IT Research and Innovation (CITRI)

The Centre is to serve as a focal point for applied research, technology transfer, and high-level professional training in the domain of IT. The vision, mission, values, and objectives of the Centre are worked out by taking into account the major objectives of the IT Doctoral Program so that the Centre will serve the broad objectives of the program. It has also incorporated objectives from documents of the French Cooperation project and the Information Systems track initiative. Moreover, international experiences have also been taken into account.


The vision of the Centre is to become a focal point for the advancement of IT research, innovation, collaboration, dissemination of valuable knowledge, through the provision of support to PhD candidates, instructors, and other professionals in carrying out their research and related activities.


The mission of the Centre is to coordinate and conduct IT research and help PhD candidates and instructors produce innovative technologies, and provide outreach/consultancy and training services.

Values and Objectives

Addis Ababa University IT Doctoral Program
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