Information Retrieval Specialty Track


Course Code Course Title Credit Hours View Detail
Core Courses
CIT831 Natural Language Processing 3 Detail
CIT841 Advanced Seminar in IR I 1 Detail
CIT842 Agent-Based Information Retrieval 3 Detail
CIT843 Multimedia Information Retrieval 3 Detail
CIT844 Knowledge Representation and Reasoning 3 Detail
CIT846 Advanced Seminar in IR II 1 Detail
Sub–Total 14 Crhr
Elective Courses
CIT803 Modeling and Simulation 3 Detail
CIT804 Survey of Ethiopian Linguistics 3 Detail
CIT810 Research Methodology and Ethics 2 Detail
CIT812 Pervasive Computing 3 Detail
CIT833 Advanced Seminar in Language Technology I 1 Detail
CIT845 Intelligent Information Systems 3 Detail
CIT847 Text Data Mining 3 Detail

Students enrolling in this specialty track are expected to have had successfully completed the following courses at the required level. Accordingly, students who don’t meet these requirements will be required to take these courses in the departments they are offered.

  • Modern Information Storage and Retrieval
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms  

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