Addis Ababa University Library Collaborated with Addis Ababa Culture and Tourism Bureau

Addis Ababa University Library in Collaboration with Eifl (Electronic Information for Libraries) runs a three   day Training for 11 Public library employees from Addis Ababa city public libraries from November 25 to 27/2015. The training contains four phases, and this training is the second phase of the program.

The main issue of the training is Public Librarians’ Capacity building in Addis Ababa to develop New Technology Based Services in Libraries which makes staffs to expose for technology and library services for serving their community properly and to create a culture of reading and library usage in the city.

Ms. Ramune and Mr. Kasparise are from Lithuania and Latvia who are the trainers of the second phase of the program both are specialized in the organization of Public libraries under the program of Eifl.
Addis Ababa University library based on its plan, on the assisting of community based services through the participation of its experts and professionals facilitate the training with the trainers for the effective of the program. Also the University library discussed with the city Culture and Tourism Office to expand the training to all other Public library employees and modernizing the libraries for better community services after completing the coming third and fourth phase of the trainings program.
Addis Ababa University library addressed its sincere appreciation for all who contribute for the success of the training and the library is ready to work with all who needs the creation of modern library in their organization and to contribute for the expansion of reading culture in the country.