College of Natural and Computational Science

The College Natural and Computational Sciences Library, usually called the Science Library, is the second-largest library, next to J.F. Kennedy Library, in the Addis Ababa Library system. The Library comprised of two buildings: The Main library which is found at the B-complex building and the Graduate Library which is found in the new graduate building of the College. The main library, which is allotted mainly for the undergraduate student and general stack of the college library, has around 750 seating capacity with 56 computer work stations situated on 2.6Km2 area. The Graduate Library, which is allotted mainly for the graduate students, has 850 seating capacity with 86 computer workstations positioned on a 1.8Km2 area.

Currently, the Library has five sections Circulation, Reference, Electronic service units, Periodical, and technical processing with 35 library staff that are striving for smooth execution of its service in the teaching-learning, research, and community services of the college. Its primary collection comprises of science and science-related resources of books 28,750 title – 47,485 in volume, e-books 45,000 titles, Thesis and Dissertation 2669, Electronic Thesis and Dissertation 5280, reference materials 849 titles -1730 in volume, Bounded Journals 25,000 and a number of electronic journals.

The library primarily serves the college community and currently has more than 5000 users which include academic staff, administrative staff, guest researchers, regular undergraduate and postgraduate students, extension students, summer students, and external users.

The library aspires to be National Science Information Resource Excellence Center. The library strives to meets the needs of its students, academics, and the research community with a wide range of library services and state modern facilities.

Library Head: Dawit Mulugeta

Phone: + 251-111-23-26-37