College/Institution:  CHS

Department/School/Center: School of Medicine

Program title: Doctor of Medicine

Program duration (in years):  Six for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 364

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objectives:

General objectives – to produce competent, compassionate and community oriented doctors for Ethiopia with internationally recognized standard.

Specific Objectives

  • To teach and train medical students to become not only highly competent doctors but also people who appreciate the value of lifelong learning, to equip them with good communication skills and to make them understand the importance of resource management;
  • To enable graduating medical students provide the highest standards of clinical service;
  • To train medical doctors who behave according to ethical and legal principles’
  • To enable graduates conduct scholarly research in the clinical, biomedical and public health spheres;
  • To train medical students who will be active in community health activities.

Admission requirements: The admission to the program will be based on students’ interest and her/his performance (scores) in the EHEECE. Female applicants are encouraged and will be given priority for admission.

  • Students must at all times be physically and mentally capable of completing the training and subsequently practicing as a medical doctor;
  • Applicants with significant physical disabilities such as complete loss of vision, complete loss of hearing, and serious musculoskeletal disabilities incompatible with the routine practice of medicine and severe psychiatric or mental problems that can be detrimental to safe practice may not be accepted to the program;
  • Physical and metal capability shall be determined during a screening procedure performed by a special medical board set up by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and the school of medicine academic commission during admission;
  • Advanced standing applicants with B.Sc. in related areas and CGPA of >0 are eligible to compete and their cases will be decided by AC standing committee of the school of medicine. This is subject to the availability of space in the school;
  • Applications of foreign citizens or Ethiopians living abroad holding B.Sc. degree in related fields of study will be evaluated by AC standing committee and decided by the AC. These applicants are expected to pay tuition fee as foreign students.


  1. Pre-medical modules (16 weeks)


S.N Module number Module ECTS
1 Basic English SkillsENLA1013 Communicative Skill Enla 1011 5
Basic Writing skills Enla 1012 5
2 CAIM1034 Computer Application in Medicine 5
3 PSYC1044 Medical Psychology 5
4 MSAN1054 Medical Sociology and Anthropology 5
5 CESt-M1023 Civics and Ethics 5
    Total 30


Vacation: 2

  1. Pre-clinical Year I (Year 1)
S.N Module number Module ECTS
1 BSOF1011 Body structure, Organization and Functions – I 6
2 BSOF1012 Body structure, Organization and Functions – II 6
3 MHMG1021 Metabolic Homeostasis and Molecular Genetics 8
4 BCDT1031 Basic concepts of Disease and Therapy 6
    Total 26


Vacation: 2 weeks

S.N Module number Module ECTS
1 COMH1012 Measurment of Health and Diseases 10
2 BLIM1041 Blood and Immunity 6
3 NMBC1051 Neoplasia and Molecular Basis of Cancer 5
4 MICF1061 Musculoskeletal, Integumentary and Craniofacial Regions 10
    Total 31


III. Pre-Clinical Year II (Year 2)


S.N Course number Course Total ECTS
1 CAPU2071 Cardioipulmonary System 13
2 NMDG2081 Nutrition, Metabolic diseases and the GIT 8
3 USTX2091 Urinary system and Toxicology 5
4 INFD2121 Infectious Diseases 6
    Total 32



Vacation: 2 weeks


S.N Course number Course Total ECTS
1 COMH2022 Determinents of Health and Disease and research Methodology 6
2 ENRP2101 Endocrinology and Reproduction 13
3 NSBE2111 Neurosciences and Behavior 10


  1. Clinical Year I (Year 3)


S.N Module number Modue ECTS
1 CLMT3012 Clinical Methods 4
2 MELW3012 Medical ethics and law I 4
3 IMED3011 Internal Medicine I 14
4 SURG3011 Surgery I 14
5 OBGY3011 Obstetrics and Gynecology I 14
6 PAED3011 Paediatrics and Child Health I 14
    Total 64



  1. Clinical year II (Year 4 and 5)


S.N Module number Module ECTS
1 COMH4012 Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 5
2 COMH4022 Health Management and Policy 3
3 ORLY4012 Otorhinolaryngology (ENT) 4
4 OPTH4012 Ophthalmology 4
5 DENT4012 Dentistry 4
6 DERM4012 Dermatology 4
7 ITGN4014 Introduction to Gender 2
    Total 26


Vacation: 2 weeks

S.N Module number Course ECTS
1 PAED4021 Paediatrics and Child Health II 8
2 OBGY4021 Obstetrics and Gynecology II 8
3 DIRA4012 Diagnostic Radiology 4
4 MELW4022 Medical Ethics and Law II 4
5 COMH4052 Rural community Health Practice 8


Vacations: 2 weeks



S.N Course number Course Total ECTS
1 IMED4021 Internal Medicine II 8.5
2 SURG4021 Surgery II 8.5
3 PSYC4012 Psychiatry 8.5
4 EMRM4012 Emergency Medicine 8.5
    Total 34