Leads the University towards being an institution where both genders are fairly represented in all areas of its activities.

The objectives of the Addis Ababa University gender office are:

  • to promote gender equality in undergraduate and graduate programs.
  • to provide support for students, particularly female students in order to improve their academic performance and minimize their dropout rate.
  • to fight violence against women.
  • to mainstream gender equality in all the university activities
  • to ensure gender equality across the University

The Strategies used to achieve these objectives are:

  • Capacity Building Program
  • Orientation Training Program
  • Academic Support program
  • Economic Support program
  • Honoring Success (AAU Women’s Day )
  • Services delivery /Gender resource center
  • Retention and Remedial Programs
  • Female scholarship program
  • Outreaching Programs
  • Mass education/ Awareness Creation
  • Networking/Forum
  • Developing Policy guidelines
  • Establish and support student clubs working on various gender issues