College/Institution: CNS

Department/School/Center: School of Earth Sciences

Program title: B.Sc. Degree in Geology

Program duration (in years):  Four for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 245

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objective:

General Objectives – the general objective of the program in geology is to produce Geologists with a broad understanding of geosciences that can:

  • Carry out professional work in various ministries, institutions and companies engaged in activities related to the broad fields of the geosciences and
  • Identify geological problems and work towards their solution through independent or collaborative research.

Specific Objectives – the specific objectives of the program include enabling students to get knowledge, skill and attitude concerning:

  • The origin and evolution of the earth and its inhabitants through the study of Rocks, Minerals, Fossils and Elements;
  • The setting, types, origin and use of earth resources;
  • Methods and techniques of natural resources exploration;
  • A better understanding of the environment, how it changes and the impacts of hazardous earth processes;
  • The unique features of the geology of Ethiopia, its resources and Environments;
  • The habit of cooperating with others in the profession;
  • The willingness to encourage the dissemination and transfer of geosciences knowledge and skill;
  • The awareness to observe ethical standards of the geosciences;
  • The determination to maintain and improve professional competence in order to give better service to the community;
  • The habit of sharing once own time, effort as well as available resources for defined priorities of the Nation;
  • The habit of conserving and protecting the environment.

Admission requirements

  • Applicants to the program must successfully complete the precollege program set by the Ministry of Education & fulfill the general University wide admission requirements.

Graduation requirement – a student must have passed all prescribed Modules (see Table below) earning a minimum total of 245 ECTS with CGPA and MGPA of not less than 2.00 as well as no ‘F’ grade in any of the prescribed modules.

List of all modules in the program

# Core Geology Modules # Elective Geology Modules
Title Code Title Code
Fundamentals of Geology GEOL-M1011 17 Industrial Minerals, Rocks and Gems GEOL-M4172
Paleontology and Stratigraphy GEOL-M2021 18 Precambrian Geology GEOL-M4182
Crystallography and Mineralogy GEOL-M2031 19 Applied Sedimentology GEOL-M4192
Structural Geology and Tectonics GEOL-M2041 20 Groundwater Resources Management GEOL-M4202
Petrology GEOL-M2051 21 Quaternary Geology GEOL-M4212
Geological mapping Techniques GEOL-M3061 22 Earth History and Global Changes GEOL-M4222
Geological Mapping GEOL-M3071 23 Environmental Impact Assessment GEOL-M4232
Geochemistry GEOL-M3081
Geophysics GEOL-M3091
Hydrogeology GEOL-M3101
Geological Engineering GEOL-M4111
Economic and Mining Geology GEOL-M4121
Energy Resources GEOL-M4131
Environmental Geology GEOL-M4141
Geology and Resources of Ethiopia GEOL-M4151
Research Methods and senior project GEOL-M4161


Supportive modules
Module No Module Title Module Code
24 Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry Chem-M2143
25 Fundamentals of Physical Chemistry Chem-M2173
26 Basic physics Phys-M2243
27 Applied Mathematics Math-M2183
28 Statistics for Geologists Stat-M2203
29 Basic Programming Comp-M1213


General study modules
Module # Module Title Module Code
30 Civics and Ethics CESt-M1023
31 Economics Econ-M2010
32 Basic English Skill EnLa-M1013