Forthcoming Books

  • Andargachew  Tiruneh, ‘Ethiopia’s Post- 1991 Media Land scope: The Legal Perspective’
  • Belay Woldeyes, ‘Chemical Reaction Engineering –Kinetics’
  • Bekure Woldesemiat ‘Economic Geography of Ethiopia’
  • Darge Wole (Professor), ’Supplement and Guide to Psychology’
  • Husein Ahmed, ‘Islam in Ethiopia’
  • ሽብሩ ተድላ(ፕሮፌሰር)፣ ከጉሬዛም ማርያም እስከ አዲስ አበባ፣ የሕይወት ጉዞና ትዝታየ
  • Solomon Yirga,’ Evolution: An Introduction’
  • Zerihun Woldu (Professor) ‘Comprehensive Analysis of Vegetation and Ecological Data ‘Basics, Concepts & Methods’