Manuscript Guidelines

Addis Ababa University Press

Guidelines for Authors Submitting Manuscripts

For Publication

  1. The manuscript should be submitted in TWO hard copies and in a CD (Soft copy).
  1. The manuscript must be complete, including the title page, the names of all authors (in the case of Joint  authorship) acknowledgements (if any), page numbers, illustrations (diagrams, pictures, figures, etc.) where relevant, with the proper captions, and references (where appropriate).
  1. The author(s) or their representatives should submit, together with the manuscript, a signed covering letter bearing the following points.
  • The originality of the manuscript whereof not any part of the manuscript has been published elsewhere.

The press accepts only CD.

You may be asked if you are able to make changes to your CD as a result of revisions to the text.

There are a number of simple basic rules when preparing text on CD for subsequent typesetting:

  1. Do not justify text, center, and indent or arrange right. Such formatting questions will be dealt with by the editor.
  2. Avoid word-divisions at the end of a line: take the whole word over to the next line.
  3. In a book, only one space is required after a full point.
  4. If possible, we would ask you to distinguish between hyphens and dashes, for example type hyphen-, en dash_ (used between dates 1815-1914) and en dash with a space before and after for sentence breaks _.
  5. Give the editor exact details of the word processor or microcomputer you have used (make and mode) and details of the software (including version number of ‘edition’ if appropriate).
  6. Clearly state a list of the file names you have used for your chapters. Do not ‘password’ any of your files.