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Addis Ababa University Press, apparently the sole university press in the country, was first established with the primary objective of serving the publication and distribution needs of the Addis Ababa University Community.  Thus, the University Press renders diversified services.

  • Serving as the publishing arm of the University;
  • Receiving, soliciting and publishing manuscripts from authors, organizations and other sources;
  • Exploiting opportunities for publishing cultural and historical manuscripts and research works that are conducted in other universities;
  • Getting the Manuscripts reviewed;
  • Editing Manuscripts;
  • Getting Manuscripts of adequate standard printed;
  • Co-Publishing;
  • Developing a system for transferring knowledge;
  • Supporting AAU’s Teaching-Learning Process;
  • Strengthening the University’s Mission of research and development;
  • Developing strategy and implementing it for marketing the University’s publications for society at large.

Generally, the Press is organized in two core services, namely publishing and marketing. For more details on these, see below!