Staff profile of the Office for Academic Standards and Quality Enhancement, AAU

The ASQEO is headed by a Director and its entire professional services are rendered by six senior level experts divided into the two broad program units; namely, Educational Management Information System, and Quality Management and Enhancement Unit.


Mekasha Kassaye (PhD),, mobile: +251-911-608630

EMIS senior experts:

  1. Berhan Solomon,, mobile: +251-911-44-4855
  2. Getachew Benti,, mobile: +251-911-48-3323

QMEU senior experts:

  1. Amarech Tadesse,, mobile: +251-911-308858
  2. Bekele Gikamo,, mobile: +251-913-576544
  3. Mekdes Yilma,, mobile: +251-912-108350
  4. Tabi Asfaw,, mobile: +251-913-612601