Dean of Students

Duties and Responsibilities:

    • Develop guidelines and working procedures on student affairs policies and procedures including: Guidance & Counseling, Conflict & Disciplinary Case Management, Sport & Club Management and Recreation & Facility Management services;
    • Plan, organize, coordinate and control all activities pertinent to non-academic student affairs;
    • Ensure that student affairs policies and work procedures are known and complied with by individuals as well as collective bodies as appropriate;
    • Develop effective and efficient student affairs provision methods and ensure their proper implementation;
    • Develop automated comprehensive student affairs information system and ensure its proper utilization;
    • Advise all bodies concerned on the efficient and effective handling of student service tasks;
    • Ensure that student affairs management related decisions given at each level under the University are consistent with pertinent policies and regulations of the University;
    • Develop student affairs management and administration related strategies and operational plans and follow up on their implementation on approval;
    • Develop schemes for evaluating the performance of the office’s employees and recommend good performers for pay raise or promotion or other forms of reward;
    • Advise University higher officials on student affairs related matters;
    • Provide the necessary support to college level student services work units;
    • Advise students on non-academic matters and provide Guidance & Counseling, Conflict & Disciplinary Case Management, Sports & Club Management and Recreation and Facility Management services as required;
    • Work in cooperation with work units concerned with the welfare of students;
    • Ensure that goods and services needed for the facilitation and execution of student affairs are procured in time and within budget and recommend payments;
    • Implement all disciplinary decisions made by the academic units which are entitled to look into student disciplinary cases;
    • Oversee the maintenance of student services information system;
    • Give the necessary support to strengthen the Student Union;

Interim Dean Of  Students

Name: Dr. Shibru Temesgen 

Tell Off:+251-118-959280


Office Location: Main Campus (Sidist Kilo)

 List of Staff and Contact Details: 

  • Ms. Liyu Abebe: Conflict & Disciplinary Case Management Team Leader
  • Minalbat Mekonnen: Sport & Club Management Team Leader   +251-118-959280