Staff Affairs

The Office of Academic Staff Affairs has Duties and Responsibilities to:

  • Lead and coordinate the formulation, revision and implementation of policies and guidelines for HRD schemes, recruitment and selection, contractual matters, promotions, training, tenure, resignation, retirement and termination of appointments, rewarding merit and innovation in teaching and research, and retention of academic staff;
  • Formulate policies and strategies to enhance diversity of staff through affirmative action;
  • Ensure and oversee that the process of recruitment and appointment of academic personnel are carried out as per the rules and regulations;
  • Plan and monitor the implementation of academic staff evaluation and see to it that promotions are carried out as per the legislation and applicable laws;
  • Devise and implement mechanisms for timely processing of payments and benefits for academic staff;
  • Oversee the handling of disciplinary cases of the academic staff;
  • Recognize innovative and excellent teaching through institutional awards;
  • Conduct and organize annual academic staff survey in collaboration with all academic units of the University;


Director: Wondwossen Mulugeta (PhD)


Office:       +251-111-239737

Location: New Administrative Building No. 207,

Main Campus Sidist Kilo

List of Staff and address:

Ato Sintayehu Demissie, Senior Academic Staff Affairs Expert I:


Cell Phone: +251-921-741994

W/o Tihitina Teferedegne, Senior Academic Staff Affairs Expert I:


Cell Phone: +251-911-439519