Teaching and Learning Support

The major tasks of this office are to:

  • Conduct needs assessment on student learning and plan to implement remedial actions to promote excellence in teaching at all ranks and excellence in student learning inside and outside the classroom;
  • Plan, coordinate  and monitor the design and administration of pre-enrolment diagnostic tests to identify levels of student preparation for academic programs (in the areas of language, computational, quantitative and research skills) in consultation with relevant academic units and coordinate the administration of intervention/remedial programs,
  • Organize and run pre-enrolment diagnostic tests and intervention programs to enable and prepare graduate students for courses of study;
  • Organize and run University-wide basic courses for undergraduate students in communication and computational skills as well as national and global issues;
  • Provide a range of support services and resources for academic units, academic staff and students who seek to improve their instructional and learning abilities;
  • Develop strategic instruments to identify teaching-learning support needs and put various intervention programs into operation;
  • Identify new staff and training needs in collaboration with all academic units of the University;
  • Organize workshops and training programs that support staff development;
  • Assist academic staff in their use of technology to advance effective teaching and learning;
  • Develop mechanisms to minimize student attrition, particularly of female students, disabled students and students coming from historically disadvantaged regions;
  • Monitor and evaluate the impact of intervention programs;
  • Organize direct assistance to students via peer tutoring, workshops, on- demand assistance through a help desk, and the creation of innovative learning modules;
  • Coordinate and support professional development programs like the Certificate/Diploma in teaching and learning in higher education, regular seminar programs, training for tutors, as well as general advice and support for teaching assistants;
  • Develop an effective and research-informed array of teaching strategies and build capacity of teachers to adapt to the needs of students, including the encouragement of transferable skills to support the academic and personal development of students;
  • Support the enhancement of infrastructure and access to the best learning facilities, both campus-based and online, where students and academics will work as communities of scholars;
  • Support the establishment of   the  teaching and learning support at Colleges, which will ensure that each discipline/department will have good teaching, identify champions for teaching and learning within each discipline;
  • Encourage social engagement, such as work experiences;
  • Carry out additional activities assigned to by the Academic Vice President.


The Office has a mission: to manage and facilitate the implementation of institutional strategy for excellence in teaching and learning.


Our office aspires to meet the needs of academic staff and students by creating a supportive environment and favorable conditions.

Units under the office:

  •   Teaching-learning Support Unit
  •    Instructional Technology Unit
  •     Special Needs Unit

Background and Activities of TLSO

Current Activities

Current director: Dr. Agaredech Jemaneh

Tel:  +251-111-239761



List of staffs:

Ashenafi  Abera Tadesse, Instructional technology Higher  expert.


Nefisa Mohammed Hassen, Teaching and Learning support higher expert


Demekech Kassahun Hagos, Teaching and Learning support higher expert


Hanna Seifu Adamu,  Special Need students support higher expert


Institutional email: