Social Anthropology

College/Institution: CSS

Department/School/Center: Department of Social Anthropology

Program title: BA in Social Anthropology

Program duration (in years): Three for regular and Four for extension

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 180

Mode of delivery: Regular and Extension

Program Objectives:

General Objective – social anthropology program at University has the general objective of producing competent manpower in social anthropology, well equipped in knowledge, skills, theories, methods and approaches of the discipline, who will contribute a part in governmental and non-governmental agencies working in the endeavors towards curbing the problems that facing the peoples of Ethiopia.

Specific Objectives – specifically the program in Social Anthropology will:

  • Produce graduates who are well equipped in knowledge, skills, and tools of anthropological knowledge and research;
  • Produce graduates who are able to integrate anthropological theories and practices and undertake original and comparative anthropological researches
  • Produce competent graduates who will be take-up the roles of managers and administrators in the various governmental and non-governmental agencies in the field of cultural heritage resources management, tourism, research institutes, youth and culture organization, and community-based associations
  • Establish a dedicated social anthropology professional that documenting and studying the multi-faceted dimensions of the ways of lives of the peoples of Ethiopia in general and the cultures of local communities in particular.
  • Develop and conduct short and medium term training programs whereby concerned and needy persons working in the various governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • Make active participation in the national socio-cultural, environmental, political and economic and other policy debates, collaborating with local, regional, national and international perspectives and agencies;
  • Contribute towards local, regional and national development endeavors of the country by providing community services and trainings;
  • Produce graduates who are able to fully engage in the investigations and preservation of cultural heritages and archaeological sites
  • Train graduates who could participate in collaborative researches involving multiple disciplines

Admission requirements – based on the newly harmonized academic policy of Ethiopian public higher education institutions, the admission requirements to join social anthropology degree program is the following:

  1. Students who have completed their preparatory program in the field of the social sciences and obtaining the necessary pass marks in the Ethiopian higher education entrance examination (EHEE); and
  2. Students who have completed their secondary education in foreign countries on the basis of equivalent academic achievements that shall be determined by the ministry; and
  3. Candidates who hold diplomas in related fields from recognized higher learning institutions will be eligible to the bachelor degree program in Social Anthropology.

Graduation requirement – students who registered in the Department of Social Anthropology must take a total of 180 ECTS and complete all of their semester courses successfully with a minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00 with no “F” grade will be eligible for graduation. A student who has scored an “F” grade in any of the courses will not graduate without removing the “F” grade as per the rules & regulations of the University.

List of Modules and Courses under each module


Mod. No. Modules Module Code Course Titles Course code Cr. Hour ECTS



Fundamentals of





Introduction to Social Anthropology SoAn1011 3 5
Human and Cultural Evolution SoAn1012 3 5
Anthropological Linguistics SOAN1013 3 5
02 Anthropological Theories SoAn-M1021 Anthropological Theories I SoAn1021 3 5
Anthropological Theories II SoAn1022 3 5
03 Research Methods in Anthropology SoAn-M1031 Anthropological Research Methods I SoAn1031 3 5
Anthropological Research Methods II SoAn1032 3 5
04 Fundamentals of Socio- cultural Anthropology SoAn-M1041 Social Organization and Relationships SoAn1041 2 3
Anthropology of Religion SoAn1042 3 5
05 Reading and Representation of Cultures SoAn-M2051


Ethnography of Ethiopia SoAn2051 3 5
Ethnography of Africa SoAn2052 3 5
06 Culture, Livelihoods and Economy SoAn-M2061 Economic Anthropology SoAn2061 3 5
Anthropology of Pastoral Societies SoAn2062


3 5
Anthropology of Urban Livelihood SoAn2063


3 5
07 Culture, Power and Identity SoAn-M2071 Gender, Culture and Power SoAn2071 3 5
Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism SoAn2072 3 5
Migration, Transnationalism and Globalization SoAn2073


3 5
08 Cultural Heritage and Tourism SoAn-M3081 Cultural Heritage Management SoAn3081 3 4
Culture, Tourism and Globalization SoAn3082


3 5
09 Culture, Environment and Development SoAn-M3091 Indigenous Knowledge Systems SoAn3091


3 5
Ecological Anthropology SoAn3092 3 5
Development Anthropology SoAn3093 3 5
10 Legal and Political Anthropology SoAn-M3101 Political Anthropology SoAn3101 3 5
Conflict and Conflict Resolution in Cross Cultural Perspective SoAn3102


3 5
11 Application of Anthropological Knowledge SoAn-M3111 Applied Anthropology SoAn3111 3 5
Medical Anthropology SoAn3112 3 5
Project Design and Management SoAn3113


3 5
12 Senior Essay Project SoAn-M3121 Designing Proposal, and Reviewing Literature SoAn3121A 2 3
Field Work and Report Writing SoAn3121B 3 5
13 Archaeology of Ethiopia and the Horn SoAn-M2131


Introduction to Archaeology of Ethiopia and the Horn SoAn2131


3 5
Total 89 145

Supportive Modules

Module No. Modules Module Code Course Titles Course code Credit Hour ECTS
14 Sociology Soci-M2142 Introduction to Sociology Soci1141 3 5
15 Statistics Stat-M1152 Introduction to Statistics Stat1151 3 5
16 Introduction to Social Psychology Psyc-M2162 Introduction to Social Psychology Psyc2161


3 5
Total 9 15


Generic/Common Modules

Module No. Modules Module Code Course Titles Course code Credit Hour ECTS
17 Civic and Ethics CESt-M1023


Civic and Ethics CESt1023


3 5
18 Introduction to Programming CoSc-M1213 Introduction to Computer science CoSc1211


3 5
19 Basic English Skills EnLa-M1013 Communicative English Skills EnLa1011


3 5
Basic Writing Skills EnLa1012 3 5
Total 15 20