Community Services

Office of Community Services Addis Ababa University

The Office of Community Services is under the auspices of the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer of Addis Ababa University in the Main Campus. It undertakes the following core responsibilities:

a) Assessing and approaching professionals and agencies, from within and outside of the university, who conduct research on community services.
b) Creating the necessary platforms among the researchers who conduct research on community services, the target community and the appropriate sector office representatives who are pertinent to the research areas.
c) Implementing the research output.

Carried out activities in 2013/2014 Academic Year

The office has carried out the following major activities in the said period:

  • Distribution of questionnaire and collection of research outputs from Addis Ababa University staff in the 2013/ 2014 Academic Year. The research outputs are in the process of dissemination in the form of seminar, television educational programs and through directly training the community.
    •  Conducted entrepreneurship training for 3,900 prospective graduates of the 2013/2014 A.Y. regular undergraduates.
    •  Conducted consultative workshop on ‘professional certification and registration’ in the fields of engineering and medicine.
    • Providing opportunity for the recruitment of young prospective graduates by companies such as Ethiopian Airlines, Poly G.C.L , East African Tiger Brand P.L.C, and National Bank of Ethiopia.
    •  Supported voluntarism activities in collaboration with CSO and World Together Ethiopia,
    Partnership and Collaboration
    • The Office of the Community Services, in collaboration with Voluntary Services Overseas(VSO) and Action Professionals Association for the Peoples(APAP), is in the process of establishing a Voluntary Service Center within the University premises.
    • World Together Ethiopia, a Korean-based international NGO, has been in partnership for our program for student voluntarism since Sept. 2013.

Planned activities

• Support researchers in their implementation of research outputs by going to target communities.
• Encourage and support researchers to disseminate their research outputs through seminars, workshops and television education programs.
• Conduct entrepreneurship training to 2014/2015 Academic Year prospective undergraduates of Addis Ababa University.
• Hold Academic Staff Recognition and Community-Meeting Day at the end of the year.

Rebrics for Guiding AAU Community Engagement with a Book Cover

List of Staff Members:

• Dr. Abebe Assefa: Director for Community Services
Office location: Central Administration Building, Fourth Floor, room No. 405
Tel: +251-111-544030 E-mail:

• Taddelech Tedla: Executive Secretary
Office location: Central Administration Building, Fourth Floor, room No. 410
Tel: +251-111-544030