Director for University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer

Office of the University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer

The Office of the Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer (ILTT) is striving to be a solution center for all adaptive, innovative and consultancy needs of the industry and to contribute to the digital transformation of the country through cultivating a culture of innovation and strengthening the linkage and partnership between the University and the industry. Specifically, the Office is established to undertake the following major functions:

  • Strengthen the linkage of the University with the industry for mutual knowledge sharing and technology transfer;
  • Cultivate innovation culture through organizing innovation consultative meetings with partners in the industry its innovation hub;
  • Carry out innovation competitions and host tenants into the its Technology Business Incubation Center (TBIC);
  • Administer technology incubation in its TBIC and facilitate technology transfer to the industry;
  • Support the commercialization of startups graduated from the TBIC;
  • Undertake joint or industry-sponsored adaptive researches directed to the needs of the industry;
  • Support and facilitate industry-tailored graduate programs;
  • Facilitate consultancy and training services fitted to the needs of the industry;
  • Facilitate intellectual property (IP) right services for legal protection of tenants’ patent right in the incubation;
  • Coordinate internship of students and externship of academic staff and also staff from the industry; and
  • Manage the stakeholder engagement of the private, governmental and/or non-governmental organizations and industries, which have concern and relation with the University.

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