Buildings, Grounds and Infrastructure

Office for Building, Ground and Infrastructure

Major tasks of the office are to:

  •  Prepare and implement annual and quarterly maintenance plans to ensure that the university grounds, buildings and infrastructure are in optimum working condition.
  •  Develop and maintain a risk management and emergency response mechanism for the university to ensure that buildings and infrastructure are protected and where necessary there are contingency plans in place for major eventualities.
  •     Ensure that maintenance requests are responded to in an appropriate amount of time based upon their urgency.

Units under the office

  •     Maintenance Services Section

 List of staff and contact details

Project Office Manager: Yared Girma

Tel: 251+ 0111 242887/251+0984708434

Office Address: AAU, Sidist Kilo Main Campus,

Administration Building, 5th floor Room No. 504

Engineer Araya T/Haimanot , Contract Engineer,

Engineer Bogalech Kassahun , Electrical Engineer,

Engineer Addisu  Fekadu, Construction Supervisor,