Procurement and Property Administration

 Duties and responsibilities of the office are to:

  •  Plan, organize, direct, lead, manage and control the procurement and property activities of the University;
  •   Ensure the procurement and property administration decisions are consistent with the relevant policies and procedures of the University as well as the applicable laws and regulations of the country;
  •  Ensure that there is proper coherence between University plans, procurement and purchases;
  • Receive reports from University units, recommend appropriate corrective measures, when necessary and follow-up compliance so as to ensure the proper purchasing of goods and services;
  •  Advise the President and the Vice President for Administration and Student Services (VPASS) on procurement and property administration matters;
  • Prepare and submit recommendations on the basis of the relevant University plans, concerning procurement process;
  • Recommend administrative policies that govern procurement and related structural improvement to the Vice President;
  • Prepare annual procurement and other property administration plans;
  •  Oversee the proper implementation of the procurement and  property administration policies throughout the University;
  • Coordinate procurement and property administration tasks across colleges/schools/institutes;
  • Ensure that administrative policies and work procedures that govern planning, procurement and property are known and complied with by all Deans, Directors, Department Heads, and other University authorities concerned;
  • Develop procurement and property related strategies and operational plan;
  •  Correspond with external organizations pertaining to all procurement matters;
  •   Plan and study how best to improve the performance of the office;
  •  Propose performance based training programs for employees;
  • Present timely reports of the performance of the office;
  •  Ensure the establishment and maintenance of suppliers’ and products’ information database;
  • Serve as principal advisor to senior staff, providing authoritative technical and policy advice on all aspects of procurement;
  •   Ensure the procurement policy, procedures, methods and techniques are both understood and implemented by the procurement units;
  • Advise requisitioning units and recipient entities on the full range of procurement issues;
  •  Overseeing the preparation and distribution of invitations to tender and manage/conduct all aspects of bid/proposal evaluations;
  • Lead and direct procurement work team, plan and allocate work assignments; and coach and evaluate staff;
  •  Determine appropriate strategy/approach to best serve institutional interests, and ensure implementation;
  •   Supervise and ensure the proper functioning of property management and disposal activities;
  •  Ensure and supervise the proper storing of both consumable and non-consumable items;
  •  Maintain equitable distribution of properties;
  • Record the list of misconducts and corrupted suppliers of the campus and report the same for proper legal measures to be taken;
  • Prepare bid documents with clear specification for mandated items;
  • Prepare and update price index for bid documents and communicate it to all budget centers;
  • Distribute received goods and services to units according to their request and at the right time.

Ato Sintayehu Demissie  is the current Chief Sourcing and Property Officer.

Contact Details:

Tel: +251-111-243272

Office Location: Administration Buldg. (Sidist Kilo)


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