College/Institution:  CHS

Department/School/Center:  School of Pharmacy

Program title: Bachelor of Pharmacy

Program duration (in years):   Five (5) for regular

Study Language: English

Credits and the equivalent ECTS:     ECTS – 310

Mode of delivery: Regular

Program Objectives:

General Objectives: the general objective of the B.Pharm Program is to train highly qualified pharmacists who fulfill the essential, minimum common expectations of health care systems worldwide while fulfilling local needs.

Graduates would be expected to have the required knowledge, skill, attitude and behavior to support the health care system and respond to patient needs, work in hospital and community pharmacies, drug manufacturing, import and wholesale companies, public health services, academic institutions, pharmaceutical research, drug regulatory body and quality control organizations.

Specific Objectives

  • To train manpower that is more patient-oriented while still having a broad pharmaceutical knowledge that can easily adapt to working in any of the pharmaceutical services of the country;
  • To provide practice-based training so that future pharmacists acquire problem-solving skills;
  • To facilitate and assist in the transfer and adaptation of pharmaceutical knowledge.

Admission requirements

Regular Program

  • Students who complete Ethiopian high school education and fulfill the entrance qualification assessments.
  • Applicants with foreign high school education of equivalent level to the Ethiopian high school education, as determined by the Ministry of Education, and who satisfy entrance requirements.

Special Admission

  • Special admissions into some programs may be granted to attract potentially resourceful candidates such as those that can perform extraordinarily;
  • A student who has successfully finished a set of particular modules which entitle him/her to a degree may also peruse other related modules and earn another degree continuously. Detailed guidelines shall be worked out by the concerned body;
  • Private applicants who fulfill admission requirements for regular students and produce evidence of financial support to cover tuition fees and other expenses may apply for admission into the regular program. The Registrar’s office shall set guidelines for such admissions which would be reviewed periodically and approved by the Senate.
  • A student who has completed a minimum of one academic year of study in good academic standing in an Ethiopian institution of higher education or in a foreign institution recognized by the Ministry of Education or has a diploma in the same or related field if applying for admission into a degree program from an institution of higher learning may also be admitted by the university.

Graduation requirement – a student enrolled in the B.Pharm degree program is eligible for graduation if and only if he/she:

  • Has taken all the required modules for the program which is a total of 310 ECTS;
  • Obtained a minimum CGPA and MGPA of 2.00;
  • Passes the written and oral comprehensive exams of the program;
  • Passes the comprehensive exam to sit for external examination administered by external examiners;
  • Has No ‘F‘ grade in any course, and does not score less than ‘ C‘ grade in any course of core and supportive modules;
  • Pass successfully and complete clerkship/professional practice program;
  • Has carried out a student research project on a selected and agreed topic of research problem and scored a minimum of ‘ C’ grade.


List of modules
Module No Module category Module Name Module Code Course Name Course code ECTS Total ECTS
01 General Basic English Skill Enla-M1013 Communicative English Skill EnLa1011 5 10
Basic Writing skill EnLa1012 5
02 General General Psychology Sshm-M1024 General Psychology Psyc1021 5 5
Civics & Ethics CESt-M1023 Civics & Ethics CESt1023 5 5
03 Basic Biomedical sciences-I module Biom-M1033 Human anatomy and histology Anat1031 7 17
Human Physiology-I Phyl1032 5
Human Physiology-II Phyl1033 5
04 Basic Chemistry Chem-M1043 Fundamentals of Organic chemistry Chem1041 5 13
Practical Organic chemistry Chem1042 2
Analytical Chemistry Chem 1053 5
Analytical chemistry lab Chem 1054 1
05 Basic Biomedical sciences-II module Biom-M1053 Biochemistry-I Bioc1051 5 17
Biochemistry-II Bioc1052 5
Microbiology, Immunology and Parasitology Mbio1053 7
06 Basic Biostatistics and Epidemiology Com-H2060 Biostatistics Com-H2061 3 6
Epidemiology Com-H2062 3
 07 Core Introductory  Pharmacy Module Phar-M2071 Introduction to pharmacy Phar2071 2 4
Pharmaceutical calculations Phar2072 2
08 Core Pharmacognosy and Alternative Medicine Phar-M2081 Chemistry of  Natural products Phar2081 5 15
Pharmacognosy Phar2082 7
Complementary and alternative medicine Phar2083 3
09 Core Dosage form Sciences Phar-M2091 Integrated physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics-I Phar2091 9 18
Integrated physical pharmacy and pharmaceutics-II Phar2092 9
10 Core Pharmacology Module Phar-M2101 Pharmacology-I Phar2101 7 17
Pharmacology-II Phar3102 7
Applied toxicology Phar3103 3
11 Core Medicinal Chemistry Phar-M2111 Medicinal chemistry-I Phar2111 7 12
Medicinal chemistry-II Phar3112 5
12 Core Pharmaceutical Analysis Phar-M3121 Pharmaceutical analysis-I Phar3121 7 14
Pharmaceutical analysis-II Phar3122 7
13 Core Pharmaceutical Technology Phar-M3131 Industrial pharmacy Phar3131 7 10
Immunological and biological products Phar3132 3
14 Core Social and administrative pharmacy module Phar-M3141 Health service management and policies Com-H3141 5 21
Introduction to pharmacoeconomics Phar3142 5
Medical supplies, equipments and reagents Phar3143 3
Drug supply management Phar3144 5
Pharmaceutical promotion and marketing Phar 5209 3
15 Core Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics Phar-M3151 Biopharmaceutics and Clinical Pharmacokinetics Phar3151 7 7
16 Core Pharmacotherapeutics Module Phar-M4161 Integrated therapeutics-I Phar4161 7 28
Integrated therapeutics-II Phar4162 7
Integrated therapeutics-III Phar4163 7
Integrated therapeutics-IV Phar4164 7
17 Core Pharmacy practice module Phar-M4171 Drug informatics Phar4171 3 25 


Communication skills for pharmacists Phar4172 3
Pharmacy law and ethics Phar4173 3
Pharmacy practice-I Phar4174 5
Pharmacy practice-II Phar4175 5
First aid Nurs4176 3
Nutrition Com-H4177 3
18 Core/ Elective Introduction to pharmacoepidemiology Phar-M5182 Introduction to pharmacoepidemiology Phar5181 5
Phytochemistry Phar-M5182 Phytochemistry Phar5182 5
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Phar-M5183 Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Phar5183 5
Pharmacogenetics Phar-M5184 Pharmacogenetics Phar5184 5
Pharmaceutical quality control & Quality assurance Phar-M5185 Pharmaceutical quality control & Quality assurance Phar5185 5

Drug Design & Synthesis Phar5186 5
19 Core Pharmacy clerkship I Phar-M5191 Ambulatory  Care Clerkship Phar5191 7 23
Internal Medicine Clerkship Phar5193 7
Gynecology/ Obstetrics and Family Planning Clerkship Phar5196 3
Emergency Medicine Phar5207 3
Surgery Clerkship Phar5198 3
20 Core Pharmacy clerkship II Phar-M5192 Community Pharmacy Clerkship Phar5199 5 20
Drug Information Service Clerkship Phar5192 3
Hospital Pharmacy Clerkship Phar5194 5
Pediatrics Clerkship Phar5195 7
21 Core/ Elective Pharmaceutical industry Phar-M5201 Pharmaceutical industry Phar5201 3 3
Pharmaceutical quality control Phar-M5202 Pharmaceutical quality control Phar5202 3
Pharmaceutical regulatory attachment Phar-M5203 Pharmaceutical regulatory attachment Phar5203 3
Ophthalmology and ENT Clerkship Phar-M5204 Ophthalmology and ENT Clerkship Phar5204 3
Oncology and Hematology Pharmacy Phar-M5205 Oncology and Hematology Pharmacy Phar5205 3
Dermatology Clerkship Phar-M5206 Dermatology Clerkship Phar5206 3
Psychiatry Clerkship Phar-M5197 Psychiatry Clerkship Phar5197 3
Nuclear Pharmacy Phar-M5208 Nuclear Pharmacy Phar5208 3
22 Core Pharmaceutical Research Phar-M5211 Research Methods Com-H5221 3 8
Student Research Project Phar5222 5
23 Core Team Training Program Com-HM5221 Team Training Program ComH5223 7 7
                                                                                                                         Total  ECTS   310