Discontinuing Study


A student may be forced to discontinue his/her study because of academic reasons for at least one semester. One of these academic reasons is a “dismissal” status of a student. Such type of discontinuity may allow a readmission in which a student will be readmitted to repeat the modules/courses he/she failed. A student with a “dismissal” status should formally withdraw from the university.


Students dropping out from the University must consult their academic advisors and explain why they wish to drop out. Students dropping out from the University for inadequate reasons will be denied readmission.


Any student who wants to discontinue his study should formally withdraw and complete Withdrawal Form (or clearance) within 8 weeks after the beginning of the semester. The University does not accept readmission requests if an applicant has not withdrawn properly.

A student who discontinued his study due to either “dismissal” status or dropping out may request for readmission as per the procedures.


Students should fulfill the proper clearance procedure at the end of each academic year or Kiremt session or upon graduation or when they discontinue their study. Every student must collect the Clearance Form from the College Registrar Office. After properly completing such forms and getting them signed by the appropriate offices, the student must submit it to the college registrar office, and keep a copy with him/her. No transcripts, degrees, diplomas and letters of recommendation will be issued to a person who cannot produce his/her copy of the clearance from every time such services are requested. Moreover, readmissions are processed if and only if a student presents a duly signed clearance.