The provisions of the University Legislation shall also govern matters pertaining to admission to graduate studies including special admission, advance standing and transfer of students.

Admission to graduate programs shall be based on academic results and merits required by the academic units for the program. However, in line with the national priority accorded to the expansion of higher education, the University in admitting students to most of its graduate programs shall give priority to candidates from public higher education institutions. Accordingly, in the currency of this national priority, the University shall plan, negotiate and decide upon the admission of students to its graduate programs jointly with the Ministry.

For graduate programs, an applicant should:

  • Fulfill admission requirements of the curriculum of the specific program
  • Pass an entrance exam as determined by the curriculum of the specific program
  • Produce an official transcript from the university/college from where they obtained the degree
  • Produce the original and copy of degree
  • Properly complete the admission application form
  • Present proof of payment of the required fee