A.A.U. Graduates 69th Batch students

Addis Ababa University graduated more than nine thousand students on July 13, 2019 at Millennium hall.

The university graduated 5876 with Bachelor Degrees, 3520 with M.A. and 241 PhD Degrees.  A total of 9637 students awarded their degrees. It also conferred upon two prominent personalities, Haji Mufti Omar Idris, chair of Ethiopian Muslims affair council and Honorable Tewelde GebreMariam honorary doctorate degrees in recognition of their remarkable contributions in the fields of arbitration and peace keeping and great achievement in leadership respectively.

On the commencement day, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, prime minister of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, said graduates should serve their country with loyalty, sincerity and genuine commitment.

“Respect and love the people that exerted all their effort for your today’s success. Developing Ethiopia is your ultimate goal”, he noted.

The prime minister said graduates and their families should play a significant role in planting thousands of trees around their surroundings.

“I anticipate more than one hundred thousand trees from you and your family. Gardening of your compound will be the first exposure that looks forward to the future. It paves a better way for the next generation”, he explained.

The premier further talked about the non-returnable favors of the public that that graduates ought to take into account and create a bright future by working hard. He asserted that the Federal Government has paid serious attention for the promotion of the education sector.

In his congratulatory message at Addis Park in the Millennium hall, Professor Tasew Weldehanna, President of Addis Ababa University, said graduates must achieve their citizen duties when they return to their places. He further mentioned they should stand by to safeguard Ethiopia’s unity with great determination.

In his advice regarding their future, Tasew said, “You have to bear in mind that you’ll be ready to support the society and the people that helped you a lot to reach your destinations. Serve your country with honesty. Serve your people with integrity.”

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed advised the graduates to esteem previous works of ancient fathers and mothers that can be used as a stepping stone for future tasks.

“Discuss in every issue, argue in different matters but concerning the issue of Ethiopians and their unity, possess firm bases. Don’t forget the heroic deeds of the past. Show great respect for the works of the past”, he exclaimed.

Professor Tasew on his part revealed that the prevailing situation in the country which is the ongoing reform and the fast-moving events in progress would make the commencement even more memorable.

Regarding academic and administrative activities of the university, Professor Tasew noted that endeavors are exercised by the university leadership and management and all the necessary tasks are executed peacefully.