AAU Center for Human Rights celebrates International Human Rights day

Addis Ababa university Center for Human Rights has organized a one day conference with a theme: ‘Putting the rights to life, Security of persons, Mobility and Residence First’’ on Monday 9, 2019 at Eshetu chole hall.

The event is aimed to celebrate international Human Rights day and to create awareness about human rights.

Dr.Wondemagne Tadesse, head of center for human rights, on his Welcoming speech said’’ The practice of Human rights in some parts of the country is high but in some areas is very low. That is why we have met hereto give full awareness about international human rights’’

Mr.per Sevastik, Swedish Ambassador to Ethiopia, said “we have research cooperations for forty years with AAU.”

Mr. Per Sevastic said ‘’ We have the universal declaration of human rights which is a milestone document to claiming the youth challenge rights with color, religion, sex, language, political or other opinion, national or social written property, birth or other status proclaimed in the charter and the declaration.”

 Dr.solomon Negussie, Dean of College of law and Governance, presented a speech on ‘’ youth for human rights: Hopes Concerns in Ethiopia’’ and he said that the constitution is a milestone of human rights”.

At the end of the conference, Dr.Zemelak,Head,of federalism institution presented under the title on ‘’Local governance & Human rights: Challenges & Opportunities in Ethiopia ‘’

He said “Zones and Weredas are important places for direct participations to promote the country’s education and health centers, road and railway constructions and infrastructure in general.”

Belay Mengesha December 17, 2019

Photograph by Fikremariam Beyene