AAU delegation seeks partnership with the University of California and Michigan

A high level delegation, led by the AAU academic Vice president, Dr Jeilu Oumer, is visiting the University of California (Los Angeles and Davis) and University of Michigan since February 27/2017. The delegation is drawn from different units of AAU including the College of Business and Economics and its School of Commerce, the Office of Continuing and Distance Education and the School of Journalism and Communication to seek potential collaboration in different areas with the aforementioned universities of the US. The purpose of the visit is to explore potential collaborations with experienced universities of the world in different areas.

Explaining the importance of partnering with the University of California Los Angeles, Dr Jeilu said that University of California can be an excellent partner for AAU in capacitating graduate programs and AAU can be best partner for the University of California if the former needs to reach Africa. AAU is one of the prestigious universities in Africa and it it can be a gate way to Africa and Middle East, makes, Dr Jeilu added.

Dr Cindy Fan, Vice Provost for International Studies and Global engagement of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) expressed the readiness of her university to work with AAU. The most important thing afterwards is connecting faculty of the two universities to work out specific areas of collaboration in addition to the identified areas, she added.


The delegation held a very fruitful visit in the University of California Davis (UC Davis) from March 2 to 3, 2017 and held discussions with the top officials of the university to identify specific areas for the partnership. It was also conducted successful discussion forums with the professors of the university and they expressed their readiness to come to AAU to undertake research and other academic works. Students and staff exchanges, distance and e-learning and offering scholarships for staff and students are the areas the two universities agreed to collaborate.

The visit to the University of Michigan is under way and ends on March 8/2017.