AAU Governance Board Approves Strategic Plan, Senate Legislation

In its third regular meeting on January 4, 2024, the AAU Governance Board deliberated on the draft Five-year Strategic Plan and Senate Legislation and subsequently approved the two key documents.

First on the agenda was the draft Five-year Strategic Plan, which contains nine strategic focus areas. The Board reviewed in depth, suggested amendments for incorporation, and consequently approved the strategic plan document.

The Board then reviewed the draft Senate Legislation, which regulates the academic governance of the university, and similarly approved the statutory document with a recommendation that proposed amendments should be incorporated.

In its deliberations on and subsequent approval of the crucial draft documents submitted by the University Senate, the University’s Governance Board was guided by Proclamation No. 1274/2015 of the House of Peoples’ Representatives concerning the establishment of autonomous universities and attendant powers vested in and exercised by the Board.