AAU launches new 5-year project in Journalism and Communication with Norway

“Those who persist would enjoy the fruit of their persevere”

The above quote would perhaps be the best description to demonstrate the strong bond between NLA (Norway) and institutions in Ethiopia even during times of uncertainty. After a long time of absence of the Norwegian government funding for journalism education and research in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa University, Bahir Dar University and NLA University College managed to submit a project proposal that won NOK 4.7 M. This NORPART project intends to promote faculty exchange and student mobility, among other things, over the next five years.
The launching workshop was held in Kristiansand, Norway 14-17 February 2017 and was attended by high level delegation from the three institutions. From AAU, President Prof. Admasu Tsegaye was present together with Dr. Zenebe Beyene, Director of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications, and Dr. Getachew Dinku and Tenaw Terefe from the School of Journalism and Communication.
The partnership involves student and teacher exchange, as well as some research activities. Through the NORPART project, five MA students and two PhD students from AAU and BDU will be given the chance to be on exchange in Norway for between 3 and 12 months each year. Instructors from NLA University College will contribute to teaching in the new PhD programme in Media and Communication Studies at AAU, as well as at BDU.
The 5-year project is funded by two Norwegian ministries (Ministry of Education and Research, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs), and administered by the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education.


Participants at the launching workshop in Kristiansand, Norway 14-17 February 2017 were Dr. Zenebe Beyene (AAU), Hilde Kristin Dahlstrøm (NLA), Prof. Admasu Tsegaye (AAU), Astri-Birgitte Grimenæs (NLA), Dr. Getachew Dinku (AAU), Muluken Geremew (BDU), Tenaw Terefe (AAU), Sileshie Semahagne (BDU), Moges Abraha (BDU), Dr. Chris Wales (NLA), Mulatu Alemayehu (AAU) and Dr. Terje Skjerdal (AAU).

Dr. Erik Waaler, Rector at NLA, and Prof. Admasu Tsegaye, President of AAU have signed the agreement on behalves of NLA and AAU respectively.