AAU Makes Press Release on Its Autonomization Approval Final Steps

Addis Ababa University (AAU) forwarded a press release regarding its autonomized final measures through Professor Tassew Weldehanna, President of the University, at the Senate Hall found in the main campus of AAU on the 22nd of August 2023.

Professor Tassew stated that Addis Ababa University was authorized by the procedure of the council of ministers of the FDRE under proclamation number 129/2015 as the first Ethiopian authorized university.

The achievement of the authorization will help the University to courteously carry out its responsibilities in a very meaningful way with commendable administrative and academic freedom, the President said.

“The University will be globally competitive than it is now. Internal and external income generating activities that help to accomplish its mission and vision will be facilitated. New and modern methods of career accomplishment will be practiced. For this case, a number of researches have been administered through different teams discussing with the University community and other stakeholders at different levels to level the ground that the University is now on,” Prof. Tassew explained.

According to Prof. Tassew, Office of Project Application of AAU with 67 administrative and academic staff in six different sub-categories has been intensively doing research since January 2023 focusing on strategic plan revitalization; legislation revision and guidelines preparation; administrative tasks accomplishment protocols and guidelines (such as finance, personnel and property handling guidelines); organization, administration and accomplishment; income generation, infrastructure development and digitalization.

“The research result will be announced from August 28 to 31 and draft sheet will be prepared to finalize activities. Workshops will also be prepared at different levels based on the research results for further clarification and development. After the research document is completed and signed by a concerned body, full transition to authorization will be accomplished within less than two years since the beginning of the following academic year of the country,” he reiterated.

According to the President’s responses to questions raised by journalists, the University will start receiving undergraduate students through competition (admission test) beginning from the next academic year (2016 E.C.) based on the MOE cut-off point. This step gained by the authorization will be important to improve the quality of education and produce qualified human resources, he added.

Prof. Tassew generalized that the University has been preparing various documents, starting from the preparation of administrative guidelines, which will enable full implementation of the autonomy.

Editor: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa