AAU Participates in the 4th Investing in Africa Forum, Signs Cooperation Agreement with Leading Chinese Universities

Prof Tassew Woldehanna, President Addis Ababa University , signed two cooperation agreements with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University for its work with CDT-Africa (Africa Center of Excellence for medical discovery); and the Southwest Jiao Tong University for its work with ACERE (Africa Center of Excellence for Railway Engineering).

The cooperation agreements were signed during the 4th Investing in Africa Forum (IAF), held from Sept 6-8 2018 in Changsha, Hunan Province, China. The IAF was organized by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) of the People’s Republic of China, The China Development Bank (CDB), The Hunan Province of China and The World Bank Group (WBG) focusing on key guiding principles by engaging in insightful exchanges on five central themes: (i) Agriculture and Agro-processing; (ii) Digital Economy and Innovation; (iii) Education and Skill Development; (iv) Energy and Climate Change; (v) Health. The agreements encourage direct contact and ties between students, faculty and administration staff, as well as departments and centers.