AAU Quality Assurance Office Runs Workshop on Program Quality Audit

Addis Ababa University (AAU), the Office for Quality Assurance, conducted a full-day Training Workshop for program auditors on program audit and classroom supervision at Sarem International Hotel on Thursday, 10th of February 2022.

It was primarily noted that the Quality Assurance Office, under Office of the President, conducted institutional quality audits across all colleges of the University in the last academic year and the program quality audit, the Office currently preparing to undertake, is an extension of that.

Mekasha Kassaye (PhD), Director for the Office, stated that the Workshop was instrumental in empowering program auditors in AAU so that they would be able to discharge their responsibilities of program audit in effectively and professional manners.

“The Office has a plan to conduct quality audit and classroom supervisions across selected academic programs of AAU in the coming few weeks and that the training would be quite helpful in preparing our auditors and supervisors for that task,” Dr. Mekasha disclosed.

Dr. Mekasha further stated that a number of experts from the various offices, concerned colleges and institutes as well as selected disciplinary professionals of the University would be deployed for the program quality audit and educational supervision tasks.

The participants made the training lively through warm discussion and finally expressed their satisfaction over the Training Workshop as they were able to grasp practical tips that would help them execute their tasks effectively towards achieving the desired goals.

Tesfaye Muhiye (PhD), Deputy Director of HESC, a scholar in institutional and program quality audit; Kenenisa Dabi (PhD), a specialist and authority in educational supervision, from the College of Education and Behavioral Studies, offered the program quality audit & classroom supervisions respectively.

Report: From Office of Quality Assurance

Editor:  Abraham Girmay