AAU Runs a Workshop on Exit Exam Preparation for Undergraduate Students

Addis Ababa University (AAU), Office of the Academic Vice President, organized a workshop to discussion on the preparation of Exit Exams for undergraduate students where AAU higher officials, college deans, directors and teachers attended at Eshetu Chole Hall on November 8, 2022.

Eba Mijena (PhD), Director General of Higher Institutions at the Ministry of Education delivered a presentation on guidelines and directions for the preparation of Exit Exam that the Ministry is going to run and handle.

The General Director stated that the Exit Examination will be practical since the 2022/23 academic year and will be taken as part of the education curriculum with the responsibility of all universities, colleges and departments that graduate students in their specific areas of education.

According to Dr. Eba, the main objective of the Exit Exam is to check whether students have acquired the required knowledge, skills and attitudes or not. In addition, it is a mechanism to evaluate the students’ efficiency and completion of studies in qualitative and effective ways, he added.

In the current process, only taking every semester exam is not enough to confirm the qualification. So, the students have to understand the nature of the course they have studied and the program they have completed. They should fully concentrate on the course they are given and develop the required knowledge with full efforts,” he stressed.

The General Director stated that teachers should realize the rationale behind and provide quality education to achieve the objectives of the program and every university should empower its students. It is necessary to have high-quality programs and problems can be solved through evaluating students’ results, he intensified.

As stated by Dr. Eba, the issue of Exit Exam is supported by Ministry of Education, higher education, decrees, policies and guidelines as well.

According to the Guideline 919/2014, while implementing the Higher Education Exit Examination, students who score 50 percent and above will pass the exam and graduate whereas those who score below will not be able to graduate.  Students who failed the Exit Exam will be given other opportunities for retaking the Exam in the next years for multiple times until they could succeed. Corresponding certificate will be prepared for those who do not want to take the test repeatedly, Dr. Eba said.

Dr. Eba finally underscored that all universities, colleges and department should be aware of registering graduate candidates for the Exam, provide proper access of information as well as prepare them to practice through model exams.

Emebet Mulugeta (PhD), Academic Vice President of AAU said that AAU has been giving Exit Exams in the departments of Law and Medicine for the last few years, and preparations have been started to implement the current guidelines for all departments ahead of time.

According to Dr. Emebet, taking the experience from the past, the office of VP has proposed Exit Exam preparation framework (guideline) and is striving to create a platform with colleges and departments to have their own frameworks and be able to make ready their candidates.

Reporter: Tsion Aysheshim

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay