AAU’s Green Legacy Campaign-2020, Entoto Site Continues

Four campuses of Addis Ababa University (AAU) continued Green Legacy Campaign at Entoto site planting thousand of trees today, 14 July 2020.

A number of participants from College of Natural and Computational Sciences, College of Performing and Visual Arts, Addis Ababa Institute of Technology and School of Commerce attended the campaign held today.

Deans of faculties and different units shared their views and feelings about the campaign and overall motivation of the participants.

Addisalem Abathun (PhD), from College of Natural and Computational Sciences (Arat Kilo), said that she and her colleagues have been eager to join the campaign.

Dr. Addisalem emphasised the commitment of the government and active involvement of the masses which together will contribute a lot to the overall prosperity of the country.

Bikila Workneh (PhD), from College of Natural and Computational Sciences (Arat Kilo), appreciated the national motivation for the Green Legacy. His office gives consultancy services towards the movement besides to teaching in classes.

Dr. Bikila commented that planting young plantlets under eucalyptus forest may not be fruitful as intended to be.

According to Solomon Kiros (PhD) from Addis Ababa Institute of Technology (Amist Kilo), planting different kinds of trees helps to widen research areas and create new technologies.

Director of the School of Commerce, Abeba Beyene (PhD) stated that planting trees helps to own fresh air conditions, ample water sources and fertile land for both human beings and animals.

Dr. Abeba added that all the participants under her management are very motivated for the legacy and had planted trees where they have open areas in their campus before the Entoto campaign.

The dean for Performing and Visual Arts, Ezra Abate (PhD), agreed what have been positively voiced about the Green Legacy movement, but he has reservations that the site selection is not well planned.

“Planting young seedlings under tall eucalyptus trees shade is not advisable; the arrangement for future follow up will not be easily manageable as everybody has planted here and there,” Dr. Ezra commented.

By: Abraham Girmay