Addis Ababa University Partners with Peking University

As it continues to expand its network of regional and global partners, AAU today formalized a strategic partnership with Peking University of China. This latest international agreement raises the number of high-profile universities forming partnerships with AAU.

Jeilu Oumer (PhD), Academic Vice President of AAU said a delegation from the University of Peking, visited AAU to sign a cooperation agreement which is hoped to grow opportunities for academic, scientific, and cultural exchanges between the two universities in strategic areas of political science, international relations, urban governance and urban planning.

The AVP said the strategic partnership agreement will involve developing new joint research and other projects in the specified fields, as well as student and staff mobility.

AAU has said it hopes to deepen and broaden its partnership with Peking University over the coming years to provide opportunities to more students and faculty from more university divisions to grow academically and professionally in profound ways.

Dr. Debebe Ero, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, said the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia was crucial in facilitating the partnership agreement between the two universities. He said the new partnership strengthens joint initiatives between the two universities and creates new opportunities for collaboration for students and researchers in the College of Social Sciences.

The partnership brings together Ethiopia’s most prestigious flagship university and Peking University, known as China’s Harvard, and ranked among the leading universities of the world.