Admission Announcement for advance standing Doctoral program



Addis Ababa University School of Medicine will start to accept the 2nd batch of students for the advance standing doctoral program in physiotherapy in March, 2016. The University would like to invite those who are interested to apply to be considered in the program. Therefore, applicants can apply with this program by fulfilling the following criteria.

The admission criteria are as follows:

  1. A minimum of Bsc degree or equivalent physiotherapy from accredited higher education institution within or outside of Ethiopia.
  2. Applicants should have an active certified professional license from the legal accrediting body and should be in active practice
  3. Applicants should be less than 45 years of age.
  4. Applications of foreign citizens or Ethiopians living abroad with minimum of Bsc level will be evaluated by the department’s standing committee and approved by the Academic commission. In addition, foreign applicants need to pass through the established admission requirements.
  5. Applicants should able to secure sponsorship from governmental health care institutions
  6. Students must at all times be physically and mentally capable of completing the medical courses and subsequently practicing as a doctor of Physiotherapy.
  7. Female candidates are encouraged

Documents submitted at the time of Application are as follows:

  1. Original transcript from the accredited higher institution directly to AAU registrar office. p. o. box 1176
  2. Bsc Degrees earned from accredited higher institutions
  3. Active certified professional license from the legal accrediting body
  4. Professional CV
  5. Two professional recommendation letters
  6. A two page letter of intent(in English)
  7. A five page Biography(in English)

     Application Date: January 29, 2024 – February 10, 2024

PLACE:  Addis Ababa University

                       Main campus (sidist kilo)

Registrar office

Admission office No.202-203