Braile Notetaker Training Aims to Empower Students with Visual Disabilities

The commencement of a Braille Note Taker Training, which is part of the Digital Competency Enhancement Project for Blind University Students, was officially announced today in the presence of Addis Ababa  University officials.

The project aims to create a disability inclusive educational environment at the university through the provision of assistive  technologies.

Dr. Yirgashewa Bekele, Director of the Special Needs Support Center at Addis Ababa University, revealed that thirty braille note taker devices, valued at over five thousand dollars each, have been donated to the university as part of a memorandum of understanding earlier  signed with South Korea’s SILOAM International Cooperation Agency .

The director also mentioned that special needs support teachers and students are being trained in the use of these devices.

Dr Yirgashewa indicated that the purpose of the event was to declare the commencement of the training program, signalling the creation of a conducive academic environment for visually impaired university students through the Digital Skills Enhancement Project, enabling them to independently utilize the technology.

For his part, Dong-ic Choi, Executive Director at SILOAM FOUNDATION FOR THE BLIND said, “At its essence, a Braille notetaker is designed to enable individuals with visual impairments to effortlessly read and write notes as well as other written materials, adding ” the device’s true value lies in its ability to facilitate these tasks with ease and efficiency.”