Call for scholarship application for PhDs and MSc positions in the framework of the Intra Africa INTERACTAfrica project

INTERACT-Africa Project

Mobility in Innovative Green Technologies for Climate Change Mitigation and Sustainable Bioeconomy (INTERACT-Africa)


INTERACT-Africa is an Intra-Africa Academic mobility project funded by the European Union (EU). The project focuses on Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology, with emphasis on conversion of organic waste to valuable bioproducts for transitioning into environmental sustainable and socially inclusive economies.

INTERACT-Africa aims at:

1- Promoting inclusive learning mobility opportunities by enhancing capacity building of HEIs by focusing on training and education in green Chemistry, Biology and Information Technology aimed at developing a skilled workforce capable of implementing sustainable practices

2- Fostering entrepreneurship and support the establishment of green technology businesses in Africa by providing mentorship, access to funding, and technical support to aspiring entrepreneurs and start-ups working in the field of green Chemistry, Biology and Information technology

3- Facilitating networking and knowledge sharing among businesses to promote innovation and sustainable economic growth through provision of internships, cooperative education programs, and hands-on learning opportunities.

Please See The Full Call Below:

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