College undertaking new initiative to promote excellence in teaching-learning

With a strong emphasis on developing strong scholarly approaches to teaching, learning, assessment and curricular structures, the College of Education and Behavioral Studies of the Addis Ababa University is undertaking new brand initiative to promote excellence in teaching-learning and leadership. In line with this, the College organized conference at Bishoftu on December 24, 2018 themed ‘Awareness Creation and Expectation Communication on the Center of Excellence in Teacher Education and Leadership Development’.

With the view to raise standards and boost excellence in teacher education and leadership development, scholars drawn from different colleges and institute of the university and key stakeholders shared knowledge and ideas that focus on roadmap preparation and management system for the newly established Center of Excellence for Teacher Education and Leadership Development in the college. 

Speaking on the conference Addis Ababa University President, Prof. Tassew W/Hanna noted that our education system has gained considerable results in terms of expansion and increasing enrolment of students at all level over the past years but providing quality education remains challenging. Prof Tassew went on saying there is learning crisis in developing countries citing teacher development as a reason for the crisis. 

“The college of Education and Behavioral Studies of the AAU has started new brand initiatives to transform itself and make great endeavors towards providing quality education. The college has established task forces that are responsible for discharging various functions on areas of curriculum development, research and community services. The college has been selected as a center of excellence for Teacher Education and Leadership Development by MoE, and consequently has given a national mandate to prepare the roadmap for the center of excellences of the nation with workable structure and management system,” Prof. Tassew concluded.

Dr Hussein Kedir, Dean of the college on his part noted that regardless of the achievement gained so far, issues that are related to providing quality education for citizens have been still fragile. Recognizing this, said Dr. Hussein, the government of Ethiopia did introduce an assortment of interventions with the intention to improve educational institutions and the schools in all aspects.