Financial Transparency and Accountability Training Conduct at AAU

Experts from the Ministry of Finance conducted Financial Transparency and Accountability (FTA) training to civil servants working in Addis Ababa University today 08 Oct 2020.

Office of External Relations, Partnerships and Communications of the University coordinated the training in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance.

The training focuses on capacity building of citizens’ engagement to FTA with conceptual handling of implementation tools based on Federal Government Offices FTA guide No.51/2010.

Citizen engagement, based on the training, is a meaningful involvement of individual citizens in policy or program development to take part at a variety of stages in research, planning, or implementation phases of a project to ensure FTA.

The training highlights on defining issues, considering solutions, identifying resources for priority of action, who is accountable, accountability for what, how is accountability discharged, for whom s/he is accountable, grievance redress mechanisms and others.

All citizens of the country have the right to get complete, correct, timely and unbiased information of government budget, and the trainees have responsibilities to ensure this fact in their respective offices, according to the training.

By: Abraham Girmay

Photo: Andualem Aseffa