Institute of Ethiopian Studies (IES) Receives Historic Artefacts

Addis Ababa University (AAU) Institute of Ethiopian Studies received various historical assets gathered under the coordination of the Friends Association to the Institute at Ras Mekonnen Hall of the University on the 18th of November 2022.

During the handover, Tegegn Teka (PhD), the president for the IES Friends Association, said that the historical artefacts were brought to the Institute with the cooperation of well-willed individuals. If other parties donate historical materials from their homes to the Institute, the primary satisfaction will be for them, he added.


The following artefacts were given to IES on the event:

  1. The Ras Emiru’s Royal Robedonated by Colin Heap, and delivered to the Institute by a couple named Sarah and Charles Sherlock.
  2. A 17th century chart painting by an anonymous donor to Professor Richard Pankhurst and delivered by his son Alula Pankhurst (PhD) to IES.
  3. Ras Abebe Aregay’s one Nishan (Medal) and the Chronicle ofhis war patriotism contributed by his son, Mr. Wendwesen Abebe;
  4. An early text which comprises a collection of different 18th century spiritual texts donated by Professor James McCann and presented by Professor Masresha Fet’ene;
  5. An 18th-century history of kings, obtained from the French National Library, was donated by Mr. Getathew Taye and was delivered to the Institute by his friend, Mr. Shegaw Gebremedhin.

The director of the Institute, Takele Merid (PhD), received the artefacts from the donors and issued certificate of receipt and appreciation to them in the name of IES.


In his speech following the reception of the gifts, the director mentioned the value of the historical relics to the Institute and expressed his gratitude to those who donated them, with particular emphasis to the Association that initiated the event.

Indicating that IES is a combination of a library and a museum, Dr. Takele finally informed that a legal document for the appropriate use of the properties in them is being drafted.

Following the director’s message, Professor Shiferaw Bekele (historian), forwarded a presentation entitled ‘The Historical Significance of the Donation’ about the heritages and the identity of the owners who donated them to the IES.

According to Prof. Shiferaw, the heritages will have at least two main significances: they will provide information to researchers, and will help the next generation to know and understand the early history of the country as well as the historical deeds of their forefathers.

Finally, the Historian told the audience that Ras Abebe Agay was a renowned Ethiopian general who was trained in modern military education and was internationally recognized in his time especially from 1936-1941.

Reporter: Zelalem Moges

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay