School of Social Work holds a meeting on professional volunteerism

Addis Ababa University’s School of Social Work in collaboration with Addis Ababa Youth and Volunteer Coordination Bureau held a meeting on Professional Volunteerism with a message: “Volunteerism for support and care for one another” at Mandela Hall on the 11th of August 2021.

Debebe Ero (PhD), Dean at College of Social Sciences, said in his welcoming remark that in order to demonstrate their knowledge of social work, professionals should combine the theoretical knowledge and practical experience committed to the ethics required by the social work profession.

The Dean further said that social work students who are willing to do good work along with their professional ethics should be aware of the administrative and political frameworks of the offices and their impact on social service delivery.

Debebe added that volunteer social work students need to know and understand the local resources in order to develop professional relationships and collaborations with the community and help those who need help in the future.

Ato Fisseha Tibebu, Deputy Head at Addis Ababa Youth and Volunteer Coordination Bureau, in his demonstration entitled: “The Nature of Volunteerism and the General Historical Background”, said that volunteerism comes from the minds of generous individuals and that does not require the coercion and pressure of any outside force.

According to the Deputy Head, volunteerism is a gift of self-motivation, goodness and sincerity and tries to solve the problems of the community.

“Volunteerism is the act of identifying the problems and urgency caused by man-made and natural disasters in the world and gaining a satisfied conscience by providing free services to the needy people,” Fisseha elaborated.

Ato Sileshi Salsumer, Chief Executive Officer of Safe Light Initiative (SLI), shared his experience in his introductory speech, pointed out that many have paid for volunteer work before volunteering was well known due to their internal motives.

The Chief Executive Officer of SLI explained that it is fortunate that volunteers are being organized at the institutional level and that many compassionate people are involved in huge charitable activities.

Mesele Mengisteab (PhD), Head at the School of Social Work, in his closing remark, entrusted the volunteer social work students and researchers as well as the university’s various professionals to fulfil their responsibilities by linking field education to volunteer service.

By: Theodros Shewangizaw

Photo: Andualem Aseffa

Editor: Abraham Girmay