Special Needs Support Office of the AAU Graduates 140 trainees

The Special Needs Support Office of Addis Ababa University graduated 140 trainees certified with computer and sign language at a ceremony held on August 28, 2018 at Mandela Hall.

The traineeswere pulled from different regions. Out of the grand total, 80 were teachers with blindnesstrained in basic computerskill using jaws software and 60 were professionals witheducation trained in sign language.

The training spanned 45 days and was organized by AAU in cooperation with Ministry of Education (MoE) aimed to enable blind teachers capable incomputer technologyskill andto deliver equal service tothe deaf society using sign language.

Representative of the Academic Vice President of the AAU, Elias Tesfayecongratulated the trainees and said that, “this type of training is very important to create inclusive society which can minimize the hindrances face with disability”.

AssefashTekalegn, director of Teachers and Education Management Development, MoE, said that MoE is working incredibly on Special Needs Education including on its policy to assure disabilities contribution on the development of the country.

Guest of honors Artist Solomon Bogale and Artist Tsedeniya G/Markos forwarded valuable messages to the graduates and attendees of the ceremony.

On the closing remark SewalemTsega (PhD), Head of Special Needs Support Office of the AAU, expressed her pleasant feeling to graduates and said that “this is the beginning, wehave to do more together on awareness creation to get the decisiveresult regarding to disability”

Sheforwarded her gratitude to MoE, trainers, trainees, and all supportive bodies for the completion of the training.

The Jaws computer training was given for the 4th time and sign language for the 2nd time this year.