The AAU Interim President Holds Press Statement on the University’s Autonomy Implementation Processes

The Interim President of Addis Ababa University (AAU), Samuel Kifle (PhD), delivered press remarks on the implementation processes of the University’s autonomization to various public and private media at the Main Campus, Sidist Kilo, on September 21, 2023.

Dr. Samuel explained that making universities autonomous is one of the acuities of our country that help them to be competitive at the international level and to be endowed with expedient leadership and management systems.

He stated that building a suitable infrastructure will speed up the process of the autonomy of higher education institutions in a safe manner; it is also very important to increase the accumulation and enriching of internal resources cooperating with stakeholders.

The Interim President added that it was decided by the Council of Ministers that the autonomy of higher education institutions will continue in the country and the process has already been started at the historical and great research institute, AAU.

He clarified that it has been possible to observe during visiting, since the appointment of the senior interim leadership that the university has many virtues which bind it with its various colleges and institutes as well as high research centres of excellence.

The autonomy that AAU has been asking for decades is now a reality and the constructive dialogues held with different executive bodies of the University and the community at large have indicated that fruitful outcomes can be achieved ahead,” Dr. Samuel insisted.

In the process of the transition, the President stressed, that the old management system of the University will be removed and replaced by modern and effective management, with common understanding that the current system will continue until the modern transitional approach is realized.

Web Journalist: Theodros Shewangizaw

Photo: Fikremariam Beyene

Editor: Abraham Girmay