Wageningen University Board President lectures @ AAU

Professor Dr. Louise O. Fresco, President of Wageningen University and Research Center of the Netherlands, delivered an open lecture on future challenges for agriculture and food in Africa at College of Business and Economics, Addis Ababa University, on 15th December, 2015.

During her lecture, she identified climate, rainfall fluctuation, population growth and political instability as factors that threaten future agriculture and food production in Africa.

She pointed out climate change and rainfall fluctuation as providing both challenges and opportunities while suggesting countries strengthen their general capacities to deal with stresses and weather shocks in line with general agricultural development priorities.

Moderated by Professor Woldeamlak Bewuketu, the lecture also featured a vibrant Q&A session. Queries on how to improve agricultural productivity in Sub-Saharan countries where current production is only 13% of demands and the challenge of climate fluctuation in Africa were raised and deliberated on.


Wageningen University and Research Center is one of the leading institutions in the field of food, agriculture and life sciences worldwide. Its President Professor Dr. Louise O. Fresco had served as UNFAO’s assistant director general for food and agriculture in Rome. She has conducted various field works in over 50 developing countries.