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Ethiopia is a country, which is in the process of transformation, and the majority of Ethiopians live in the countryside. The socio-economic and technological development remained low and Dentistry is one of the least addressed disciplines in the history of medical practice in Ethiopia.  The growing problem of oral disease in Ethiopia needs rapid solution. To solve these problems organized and multifaceted dental professional support is needed.  In relation to this, the role of highly skilled dental professionals in the rural area of our country is very important. It is this fact that triggered the establishment of a Dental Health Service & Training Center. The aim of the Center was training of mid-level dental health professionals that can render dental health service to the Ethiopias.  The Center was opened in 1991 based on an agreement that was signed between the Italian and Ethiopian governments.  The Center, which started its training with sound basic facilities, graduated 55 dental therapists in 2001. Since its foundation the dental school has been training dental therapists in advanced specialized nursing diploma.

The Dental Health Service Training Center has been upgraded to a BDSc. Since 2003, the Bachelor of Dental Science is a three-year full time program, awarding BDSc degree.  The award of the degree is based on the results over the first, second and, third years of the program.  Students must pass all subjects in their current year of enrolment before they are allowed to proceed to the next year.  The courses have been designed to incorporate a variety of teaching methods for the education to be consistent with the title to focus learning on principles and concepts rather than detailed facts, to foster the integration of basic and clinical sciences and to cross the boundaries of traditional discipline and encourage skills in problem – solving, self-directed learning and research. A total of 231 (M: 150, F: 81) students have graduated with Bachelor of Dental Science degrees from the Dental Health Service and Training Center of AAU.

The dental health system of Ethiopia is one of the undeveloped professions. There is shortage of highly qualified & skilled manpower.  Hence there is a big demand in our country for upper mid-level oral health professionals. To meet this demand, a dental personnel training curriculum was revised and formulated to produce professionals who have basic competence in public oral health care.  Recently, the DDM (Doctor of Dental Medicine) curriculum was designed with the philosophy of team community research-based and task-oriented training, addressing the oral health problems of the country. Currently the Department of Dentistry has 20, 22 and 21 students studying in the 3rd, 2nd and 1st years respectively.

Oral health personnel training is beneficial within the country itself as this will enable the students to be easily exposed to their future working environment. The program for generic students will take five academic years – two (pre-medical, pre-clinical) years, two years in clinical disciplines (clinical dentistry), followed by a one-year internship.


The School of Dentistry aspires to be a regional center of excellence in oral health science, teaching, research and services that would contribute to a healthy and productive human population.


The School has the following to accomplish:

  • Providing high quality and regionally relevant oral health sciences training;
  • Conducting intensive basic and operational research in oral health sciences;
  • Providing oral health services of acceptable standard;
  • Promoting public involvements across all its functions;
  • Fostering multidisciplinary approach in teaching, research and service provision.