Mission and Vision


To pursue transformative education, cutting-edge research and innovation, and impactful services and engagement in advancing socio-economic, cultural, and technological needs and interests.


To become a leading research university in Africa, to advance national needs and be responsive to global development.

Core Values

Core Value 1: Excellence

AAU commits itself to advancing the highest standards in its academic, research, professional engagements and other endeavours.

Core Value 2: Academic Freedom

AAU upholds the rights to and principles of academic freedom to enable its community to exercise open and free expression of thoughts and inquiry and the exploration of diverse perspectives without fear, intimidation or interference.

Core Value 3: Integrity and Accountability

AAU adheres to ethical principles and moral codes of conduct and high levels of accountability, credibility and transparency in the planning and management of all its academic, research and community services.

Core Value 4: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

AAU strives to advance principles and practices of diversity, equity, and inclusion to pursue social justice and fairness in all its endeavours.

Core Value 5: Collaboration

AAU pursues innovation, research, and development through team spirit and partnership within the institution, with the communities it serves and with its global partners.

Core Value 6: Care

AAU commits to advancing the interest, dignity, well-being, and aspirations of all of its constituencies and the broader society’s history, traditions, languages, cultures, and indigenous knowledge and ensure environmental sustainability.