Strategic Planning

Overview of the office

Office of Strategic Planning at Addis Ababa University is one of the offices under the president responsible for all matters pertaining to university level plans, reports, monitoring, evaluation, and organizational structures. The office is also responsible for university level budget preparation and budget allocation to units in the university, as per the university’s annual plan and the units’ expected deliverables. The office is chaired by a director and has planning, monitoring and evaluation experts (junior – senior) together with data expert and secretary.

Major tasks/ responsibilities of the office:

The Office of Strategic Plan has the following major duties and responsibilities:

  • Lead all operations in strategic planning;
  • Set guiding roles and coordinate the various planning units of the University;
  • Coordinate periodical performance reports and prepare and send reconciled university-wide plans to pertinent stakeholders;
  • Facilitate  the  integration  of  operational    and  strategic  plans and their budget allotments  both  at university and working unit levels;
  • Direct regular monitoring and evaluation tasks and lead studies pertinent to institutional needs and priorities;
  • Direct the smooth making and use of policies, standards and procedures for planning and reporting mechanisms throughout the university working units;
  • Lead initiatives towards periodical review of the University’s progress;
  • Liaise with different sections of the university and other appropriate stakeholders with the purpose to enhance  joint priority setting, planning, implementation, reviewing, evaluation and communication endeavors;
  • Coordinate university-wide strategic and operational planning, reviewing, monitoring and evaluation;
  • Support colleges/institutes in their efforts to plan and review their academic and administrative activities, and to monitor and evaluate performances;
  • Facilitate budget allotment to the operational and strategic plans both university-wide and at college/institute-levels;
  • Consolidate and submit physical and financial performance reports to concerned bodies on quarterly basis as and when required;
  • Initiate and lead the development of documents and their publications on new standards, reporting policies and procedures, and ensure that these documents are updated as and when appropriate;
  • Develop strategic alliance with universities from abroad and international associations in collaboration with other relevant offices in the university;
  • Perform any other duties as may be required by the President.


Strategic Planning

 Dr. Addisalem Abathun is Chief Officer of Strategic Planning


Office Location:  Main Campus, the New Administration Building, Ground Floor


P.O. Box: 1176

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia