Continuing and Distance Education

The major tasks of the office are to:

  • Develop policies and guidelines and frameworks to ensure the implementation of continuing and distance education programs by academic units.
  • Plan and coordinate the offering of education and training programs through   continuing education, distance or virtual and summer education for short-term training for capacity building, or for imparting knowledge and skills in specific fields, and award appropriate certificates.
  • Organize, coordinate and implement graduate and undergraduate programs in continuing and distance education.
  • Work in consultation with relevant academic units and offices to develop strategies for the management of income generated through continuing and distance education as part of community services.
  • Provide programs to enable professionals who may already have degrees to advance their careers by acquiring access to supplementary skills or capabilities.
  • Make continuing education accessible to everyone as a starting point for a lifelong learning process.
  • Develop, coordinate and implement more flexible programs compared to those executed at higher education institutions.
  • Ensure equal access to University academic resources for students enrolled in continuing education programs.
  • Oversee the proper execution of rules and regulations of the University regarding the teaching-learning process in the University’s extension, in-service and distance education programs.
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of guidelines, programs and mechanisms for student success and reduction of attrition.
  • Collect, process, deploy and disseminate information and data in the form of catalogs on extension, in-service and distance programs.
  • Monitor and oversee the process of appointment of instructors for continuing education programs as per the legislation and applicable laws.
  • Carry out additional activities assigned to by the Academic Vice President.


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Distance Education Programs

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